Department of Livestock and Fisheries

Cooperation between National University of Laos and Seoul National University

Development cooperation between National University of Laos and Seoul National University Republic of Korea, Implementing partner by Faculty of Agriculture (FAG) National University of Laos (NUOL), Institute for Global Social Responsibility Seoul National University (SNUSR) and local partner Milk For Laos. The program were run by volunteers from the two institutions from 17-25 January 2018. An objective of this program is to exchange experiences, enhance solidarity in community development, exchange knowledge of scientific research results and cultures of both institutions. In addition, there are also activities with students at Primary School of Ban Pakxapmai, Xaythany District, Vientiane Capital, which include hygiene activities, science and technology, environmental protection, sport, culture and so on. By teaching primary school student to do wash handing, tooth blushing, teaching importance of milk and drinking milk, trees planting, correct and separate garbage, repair, re-paint the school and so on.

Although the program is the starting point at some school but it is to confirm the good results of academic cooperation between the two universities.  To be broadly expanded, both Institutes will need to cooperate in order to sustain this program activity and in line with the policy of the Lao government, provide milk for Lao children as the word of “Quality milk for Lao Children.


Report by: Viengsakoun Napasirth

Department of Livestock and Fisheries distributed grasses seed to Cattle farmers


Livestock Unit is a main research and production in Animal Science and Grassland Science. On 9 January 2018 Livestock unit were provided 2,500 Napier grass stem to cattle farmers to grow for their cattle feed, this activity was supported the government livestock stratergy for cattle meat production.