Department of Plant Science


Department of Plant Science is a department of Faculty of Agriculture, National University of Laos. 






  • laboratory of soil
  • labolatiry of plant protection
  • demonstration farms for crop
  • greenhouse
  • nursary for seedling
  • house for musroom production
  • house for fertilizer production

Research and exportise 

  • rice breeding
  • organic agriculture
  • soil analysis
  • controling of plant disease and insect pest

Acedemic Service

Traing and consultancyG

  • organic crop production
  • good agricultural practice
  • mushroom production
  • soil analysis 
  • controling for plant disease and insect pest


Mushrooms are well-connected to the Lao people's lifestyle, which has long been popular in Laos, but in the near future, there has been a decline and relatively high price.

     Therefore, mushroom cultivation is the main subject of the Plant Protection Division of the Faculty of Agronomy (FAG), National University of Laos (NUOL).

In order to provide teaching instruction due to with the actual plant of the faculty and to implement the annual plan of 2017-18, it has been implemented in the Mushroom Farm (FAG). In this case, Mrs. Dr. Puttasone Sibounnavong, Head of Plant Protection Division of Kasetsart University, MP and Technical Specialists

That mushroom is actually produced in 6000 gallons of 2 mushrooms (Oyster sp. and Lentinus sp. mushrooms), white mushrooms and 3,000 bag white mushrooms in each bag, generating an average of 250 grams which has the product at 12-18 kg per day and is expected to produce about 1,500 kilograms of produce, depending on the weather

      Teaching/studying in conjunction with practical action is to encourage students to fully understand more skill and respond to education policies that produce agricultural personnel can plan for the company themselves in the future.

By Souphaphone R.